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Yeah, but why would I need this?

Using smartphones to conduct business is happening more than ever. Maximize the return on your existing Message On Hold service with On Hold On The Go™, available from the inventors of the On Hold Industry, Please Hold Canada’s Telephonetics.

Neat! And what can I use it for?

On Hold On The Go is a new productivity suite that ports your current Message on Hold productions to any smartphone or any web-enabled device. It doesn’t matter if you’re working from your office, home, the country house, on the road, or on vacation, your smart phone will be your most cost effective marketing tool moving forward. Features include:

  • Message Match: Realtime control and match of customized On Hold messages on your smartphone
  • Info Ring: Educate and inform your caller even before you answer the call
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Alright, that’s pretty awesome!

How can I get started?

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